sunnuntai 22. tammikuuta 2017

Poetry, music, etc

Doing things in well working ways kind of sings. So music shows ways toward better working society. Poetry paints landscape like views with feelings, moral, fates of people, life in the action in well thought of forms. It kind of fills the view of music toward good quality objectiovity.
In Finnish

Bureaucrats' view


The practical world is largely the same to all even though all do not live at the same parts of it and their lives may mostly handle different areas of life. When one wishes something, classify it according to the basic goals that humans and other living beings naturally have in their lives, mark also in your practical rough picture of the world which in fact are the practical arrangement that the individual can use and is using to reach these goals. Like this you can add many persons to your picture of the world, with the possibility of meeting their needs also some other way than what they have suggested. (So there is all that is needed marked up in this simple view.) And you have at the same time gained a natural understanding of their motivation in life and in the things in question, and maybe an understanding of how different situations of life influence what life feels like, how one succeeds in each kind of thing etc.

This is the point of view of a bureaucrat, I suppose. It is an effective way of thinking about a large group of people without making any thought errors.

Healthy common sense

Finns have a tradition of valuing healthy common sense. See and

Economy and well behaving citizens

"The traditional Finnish rationally grounded moral is something like this link: . It bases good moral on the selfishness of individuals and groups. It needs objective thinking with a picture of the whole.
It might help to read also about the so called society agreement and "

Getting along

People and groups generally care about things going well for them and about there being good possibilities for life in the society at large. So with the rule "Live and let others live" one can well get along. Thr ukle is something like: it is ok for all to be selfish in ways positive for happy life but not to mess with the lives of others, except fairly. The rule does not sound especially good but it works like a miracle. Please see   about it.